About Sex Doll Videos, and site spread it

Why do not you put your porn or best sex doll videos on Xvideos or Pornhub? It’s a good question, but when you think about it, the answer is obvious. So let us know about disadvantages of these famous website, and in another hand which one is suitable for realistic sex doll advertising.

Why not joust post advertisement of real sex doll through Pornhub and Xvideos?

All the larger TV websites, such as Xvideos, Ponnhub, Youborn and so on, mix the video content of Milf Sex Dolls with other videos, which makes it difficult to find sex dolls even if they are entered in the search bar.

Why do you ask? Well, unfortunately, people who upload porn to these sites often use the word “doll and sex” in their video descriptions, although the uploader does not mean real doll sex. They use the word “doll” to describe the old fashion, usually the women in the video.

Due to the huge number of videos uploaded every day, it is almost impossible to censor the videos. Because focuses on the sex doll market segment, they can browse fewer videos and delete uploaded videos, which do not actually contain sex dolls. is only for tpe sex doll advertisement?

Insider of said he actually wanted other doll companies to ask him for advertising opportunities and help contacting their customer base to help increase interest in the site and its mission. The task is to create a safe space for tpe sex doll or silicone sex doll lovers to show off their beloved dolls and encourage more people to accept the ownership of sex toys just as they accept the ownership of any other type of sex toy or device.

You see, despite the huge sales and growing interest in the sex toy industry, people usually think that it is a taboo for men or women to have sex toys.

The reasons are different, but one of the outstanding reasons is that the concept of sex dolls often reminds people of the image of inflatable dolls in the 1970s.

You know what I’m talking about, the kind of prank gift you give a friend! So in essence, ignorance is often the culprit of taboo thought. However, once skeptics see how realistic modern dolls and sex toys look, their minds often change quickly!